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Woodkid - Postponed concert from 2021

Due to the measures taken by the Luxemburgish authorities, Woodkid’s show, initially scheduled at neimënster on July 5th and then postponed to 26th January 2021 and to July 14th 2021 is being postponed to July 12th, 2022. All tickets will remain valid for the new date.

It took just one album, The Golden Age, for him to make his musical and visual mark, securing success with public and critics alike. Now, after five meticulous years of concentration, experimentation and reflection, Woodkid is going even further in his making of worlds – to use Nelson Goodman’s expression – worlds of solidarity that are his alone. Through his new album, Woodkid questions the notion of scale, from infinitely large to infinitely small, the balance of forces between human and industrial, and the idea of collective and individual responsibility for creating a world on the verge of breakdown.

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