Vangoyourself: Le Phénix de Neumünster - de Ivo Batocco

neimënster participe, comme plusieurs autres bâtiments à travers l’Europe, au nouveau projet Vangoyourself avec la toile de Ivo Batocco.

The large horizontal painting by Ivo Batocco depicts a long journey: the history, the changes, the spiritual and architectonic ruins of Neumunster Abbey, from mystic place and dark prison until its resurrection as an international center of art and culture.

The « reading » of the painting from right to left, like following the carvings on a marble stone, does not only portray the ambivalent history that occurred inside this architectural complex. The symbolic passage of time is represented by man held in chains seemingly by mysterious powers. The strong breath of the wind of reason and spirituality brings the man in a new dimension beyond the narrow material structure, to a golden age where the hands represent the attainment – ever evolving – of freedom.

Alberto Mazzacchera, art critic

Ivo Batocco was born in Cingoli, province of Macerata,Italy, in 1944.

After leaving boarding school in Fermo, he studied at the studio of his cousin Raoul Batocco the first rudiments of painting. Raoul Batocco, who was teaching at the Accademia di Belle Arti of Macerata became his first master. To support himself during this time, he worked in various professions, without neglecting to practice his painting. His first official entrance in the art world was at I Premio Avis – The Avis Priceof the city of Jesi in 1968. From 1972 he dedicated all his time to painting, firstly as cartoonist, then in 1977 he moved to Cattolica (Rimini) where he opened his own studio. During this time he participated in more than fifty competitions and exhibitions throughout Italy.

In 1980 he met Pietro Annigoni, who strongly influenced his artistic style and later he met Giovanni Toccafondo, Guerrino Bardeggia and Ermanno Vites. In 1985 he founded in Cattolica Il Convivio d’arte Emilio Filippiniwhere he taught drawing and painting. From 1982 to 1990 he collaborated with the publisher Coeckelberghs of Stockholm, for whom he designed covers for various novels. During this period he met the writer Gabriela Melinescu whose diary was published in 1986 by the same publisher, in which she wrote of the many meetings with the artist, who later designed the covers of two of her novels, Travel Blasten and Gatans Drottning published in many languages. Ivo Batocco’s activity as a book cover illustrator continued with C.D. covers being commissioned by La Scala pianist Paolo Zannini, performing music of Astor Piazzolla and also by the jazz group Swinger Big Band performing with the well known clarinettist Henghel Gualdi. In 1989 the Repro Centro Edy Bernasconi of Lugano commissioned a series of 7 lithographs. The following year Bernasconi organised, in collaboration with the Den Norsk Credit Bank in Luxembourg, a personal exposition of Batocco at the Palazzo dei Congressi of Lugano.

The Den Norske Creditbank, acquired some of Batocco’s larger paintings for their Oslo Art Collection and several others for displaying permanently in their Luxembourg branch. This was the beginning of the artist’s frequent visits to Luxemburg, where, in 1995, the Municipality of Hesperange offered him the Freeman of the City following the exhibition of his works at the municipal picture gallery on the occasion of Luxembourg being the 1995 European Capital of Culture. During the nineties the artist encountered: the architect Mario Botta, the sculptorValeriano Trubbiani, the painter Luigi Rincicotti, the engraver Walter Valentini and the sculptor Arnaldo Pomodoro. In 1994 he painted the altar pieces L’Annunciazione and L’incontro con Simeone for the church La Santa Famiglia of Santa Maria Nuova.

In June 2000, he was part of a delegation headed by the Bishop of Senigallia, Odo Fusipeci, and on this occasion he personally presented a portrait to Pope Jean-Paul II, representing his Holiness in a moment of recollection and prayer. In 2001 he illustrated a book of poetry written by his Spanish friend, the painter and dramatist Jose Guevara, and in the same year, illustrated the cover of the book Epigrafe Sulla Pelle by Sara Francucci. Ivo Batocco’s works are part of many public and private art collections in Italy as well as in many other countries. In 2002, he painted the triptychFrancesco e la Sua Missione for the Conference Hall of the picture gallery of theBiblioteca Francescana, the main library of the order of the Friars Minor, located in Falconara Marittima. In the same year he completed the paintingTerra Madrefor the Town Hall of Cingoli.

In 2004 a painting in form of a crucifix representing the crucified Christ and a triptych, were hung up over the main altar and placed in the side chapel of the church Chiesa di San Francesco in Macerata. In 2005, the General Curia of the Friars Minor in Rome, commissioned one of the artist’s works for the main church of the order. Also in 2005, Batocco completed a monumental art work Il suono di Euterpe nel cielo-The sound of Euterpe in the Sky for the music school ARCAof the municipality of Bertrange in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.-In 2006 he completed an altar piece portraying San Serafino, that shall be placed in the church of the Frati Cappuccini in Macerata and also finished 20 large art works, destined to be exhibited in Macerata in February 2007.

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