Organisation: neimënster

Simões, Osborne & van den Heuvel Acoustic Trio - Pause

EN: In search of purity, sincerity and expression, these three Luxembourg based musicians have found each other in a musical dialogue that is influenced by many different styles and genres. Jazz, swing and improviation are the centre of it, yet their program is infused with influences and songs from Bossa Nova, Folk, Pop & Chanson.

Often intimate and gentle, sometimes playful, powerful and expressive this trio will bring you invigorating acoustic sounds. The guitar is laying down the harmonic and rhythmic tapestry while the cello goes from playing a walking bass to playing soaring melodies. The voice sings, moves and improvises around these sounds and rhythms of the strings.

Paulo Simões (guitar), Annemie Osborne (cello and voice) and Edith van den Heuvel (voice) are constantly finding new ways to musically interact and interchange their musical roles. Join them on their musical journey filled with tenderness, joyfull sparks and beautiful harmonies.

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      Organisation: neimënster