Organisation: CinEast / Collaboration: neimënster

Short documentary films marathon - CinEast 2016

EN: Education / Nauka by Emi Buchwald (Poland, 2015, 20 min)

Children have to learn a poem by heart as a school exercise – everyone will learn something from this lesson.

T-Mobile New Horizons IFF 2016 (Polish Short Films Competition – First Prize)


Figure / Figura by Katarzyna Gondek (Poland, Belgium, 2015, 9 min)

A surreal tale about creating myths, religious kitsch, and the desire for greatness.

Sundance IFF 2016, Message to Man IFF 2015 (Special Mention)


I’m Not From Here / Cia as tik svecias by Giedre ?ickyte, Maite Alberdi (Lithuania, Chile, Denmark, 2015, 25 min)

In a retirement home whose daily life is punctuated with trivia, the petulant Josebe dwells on childhood memories.

Visions du reel 2016 (Best Short Film), Sheffield Doc 2016 (Fest Short Doc Award)


Reve ta Stohne on Tour / Reve ta stohne by Nadia Parfan (Ukraine, 2016, 30 min)

Two bandmates set off on a trip to the West in search of money, glory and rock’n’roll.


The House Guard / Majavalvur by Ingel Vaikla (Estonia, 2015, 26 min)

A double portrait of the Lenin Palace of Culture and Sport (renamed Linnahall) and its caretaker Peter, both bound by seclusion.


The Nest / Hniezdo by Kristina Schnirzova (Slovakia, 2015, 25 min)

A tragicomic portrait of an ageing couple from Slovak countryside who must face up the fear of being alone.


The Snails / Slimaki by Grzegorz Szczepaniak (Poland, 2015, 30 min)

The Polish snail industry is growing and the French are outraged! Every other snail on their table comes from Poland.

GoShort – ISFF Nijmegen 2016 (Audience Award), AFI DOCS 2016 (Audience Award), Traverse City Film Festival 2016 (Honourable Mention)

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      Organisation: CinEast / Collaboration: neimënster


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