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Portico Quartet - Forward

EN: Mercury Prize-nominated Portico Quartet has always been an impossible band to pin down. Sending out echoes of jazz, electronica, ambient music and minimalism, the group created their own singular, cinematic sound over the course of three studio albums, from the band’s 2007 breakthrough ‘Knee-Deep in the North Sea’, and the John Leckie produced ‘Isla’ in 2010, to the self titled recording ‘Portico Quartet’ in 2012. Rebooted as Portico Quartet, after a brief spell as the three-piece Portico, the group released their fourth studio album Art In The Age Of Automation on forward thinking indie jazz and electronica label Gondwana Records in August 2017. It’s been hailed as possibly their finest album yet, with the band simultaneously delivering both a return to their mesmeric signature sound and fresh new sonic departures in their new music. With the release of their most recent album, ‘Memory Streams’, the still delivers the classic Portico Quartet sound pallet of drums, saxophone, bass and Hang-Drums, but nonetheless the sound has modulated, become more modern, whilst still channeling the beauty and mystery which has always marked the very best of Portico Quartet’s music.

‘Portico Quartet stake claims to territory occupied by Radiohead, Cinematic Orchestra and Efterklang’. – The Guardian

Support by Jambal, a young jazz band that’s coming up fast with a freshly released EP that gets to the point. The quartet let their melodic sketches, compositional snippets and outstanding chord grids collide freely. On stage, the musicians – Ben Bley (Trumpet, Flugelhorn), Arthur Clees (Vibes, Keys), Maxime Igisch (Bass, Double Bass) and Luca Garofalo (Drums)- exude a rare freshness and insouciance and offer a sophisticated and embodied performance that transports the audience into a musical universe that borrows from both UK jazz and ethno jazz. Rid of their influences, they have been able to evolve their sound and find the right tempo.

FR: Portico Quartet est une formation inclassable. Puisant aussi bien dans le jazz que dans l’électro ou expérimentant avec l’ambient, le groupe a réussi, tout au long de ses quatre albums et d’un EP, à créer son propre univers musical, très cinématographique. Connu à l’origine sous le nom Portico, Portico Quartet a sorti en 2017 un quatrième album studio ous le titre Art In The Age Of Automation, sur le label de jazz et d’électro Gondwana Records. Salué par la critique et considéré par les spécialistes comme le meileur opus de la formation, le disque revient aux fondamentaux du groupe tout en proposant de nouveaux arrangements passionnants. Avec la sortie de leur dernier album, Memory Streams, Portico Quartet a ressorti la palette sonore classique du quatuor avec le combo batterie, saxophone, basse et hang drums, mais le son est devenu plus moderne tout en conservant la beauté et le mystère qui ont toujours accompagné la musique du groupe.

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      Organisation: neimënster / Partenaire média: Radio 100,7

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      Organisation: neimënster / Partenaire média: Radio 100,7