Organisation: Vakareiropas kokletaji

Latvian traditional music - Discover Kokle

En: Latvians are well-known music lovers and proud of their folkloric heritage. The Latvian folk group in Luxembourg has existed for 13 years. Our traditional music has been performed at various events in Luxembourg (International Bazaar, European Day and at neimënster for the Latvian presidency of the European Union in 2015). Luxembourg folklorists have been invited to perform at major music festivals in Latvia, such as Baltica and the Song and Dance Festival, in honor of the 100th anniversary of the Republic of Latvia.

Three years ago, people from different European countries came together, inspired by the meditative sound of the traditional string Kokle and formed a group of ´Western European Kokle players´. We meet regularly to cherish this unique instrument – playing together, learning new songs and introducing the instrument to our children.

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      Organisation: Vakareiropas kokletaji

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      Organisation: Vakareiropas kokletaji