Derrin Nauendorf - Wenzel Blues

EN: The hunk from Oz – who has been labelled the Australian Bob Dylan – does share much in common with America’s folk-rock god. Derrin’s own songs are pithy, poetic and hard-hitting, usually themed around love and relationships, with genuinely interesting lyrics. He has forged a sound comprising incredible guitar skills, soulful vocals and powerful songs, but Derrin remains a performer who is hard to pigeonhole.

For his 10th album, entitled ´Crazy World´, Derrin signed with USA label Candyrat Records. One of the foremost acoustic labels in the world, Candyrat Records has been home to some of the most astonishing musicians and is a fitting home for this latest album.

Derrin is essentially his own man and he would certainly play Dylan off the stage as a guitarist any day. The tortured sounds he wrings from an acoustic Yamaha are totally unexpected, as is the blistering fingerpicking he occasionally launches into, or the blurred right hand rhythm blasts that wouldn’t disgrace Pete Townshend.

After being based in the UK for some time, Derrin returned to his native Australia two years ago, leading him to revisit the electric guitar and record a new album to be released soon. This Tour will mark his first visit back to Europe.

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