Organisation: neimënster & Travel on the beat (Itinerantes x De Gudde Wëllen)

Annulé – Passport on the beat: All Reitz Reserved & Monsalve y los Forajidos - Carte blanche by Travel On the Beat

EN: Exploring the realms at the crossing between Electronica and World music, Travel On The Beat is a series of concerts and club nights created by Itinerantes asbl in collaboration with de Gudde Wëllen Culture Club. The first traveler ESINAM, will be in charge of launching the day within the framework of PAUSE, the series formerly known as Apéro Jazz. Entering the afternoon, she will be followed by excellent local violin cosmonaut ALL REITZ RESERVED, who will follow the path until making space for the formidable ensemble MONSALVE Y LOS FORAJIDOS, who will carefully bring this afro Venezuelan adventure to its climax.

Aka Dj Ghost

Venezuelan Percussionist, Dj, explorer and producer of experimental music such as ambient, electronic, downtempo. Now based in Luxembourg; co-founder of the concept "Travel on the Beat".

All Reitz Reserved

Using the electric violin as a means of emotive expression while fueling his live sets with interactive elements such as synthesizers, drum machines and effect pedals, Chris Reitz aka All Reitz Reserved creates a special atmosphere everywhere he’s performing.

Monsalve y los Forajidos 

Bassist Raúl Monsalve (leader) celebrates the richness of Afro-Venezuelan music through a contemporary and militant cocktail of Latin jazz, Afrobeat, funk, or electronic music.

Drawing on his experiences as a musician with the master of high life Orlando Julius, the psychedelic funk band The Heliocentrics or Fela Kuti’s group Afrika 70, the bassist and director has constructed a universal and futuristic musical discourse capturing richness and energy from the folklore of the coastal region of Barlovento.

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      Organisation: neimënster & Travel on the beat (Itinerantes x De Gudde Wëllen)

      Annulé – les tickets seront remboursés

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      Organisation: neimënster & Travel on the beat (Itinerantes x De Gudde Wëllen)


      Annulé – les tickets seront remboursés