01.12.2021 - 01.12.2021

Organisation: BGT English Theatre Company

We Happy Few - by Imogen Stubbs

EN: Written in 2004 by the actress Imogen Stubbs, this heart-warming play tells the story of the `Artemis Players", an all-woman theatre company which challenged the male-dominated world of the 1940s to bring theatre to the furthest-flung parts of Britain. Led by the undaunted Hetty Oaks, this unlikely woman-only company – comprising amateur enthusiasts, a former star of the stage, a recent graduate of Central Drama school, an American maid and a tomboy more at home mending cars! – toured the length and breadth of the country performing the works of Shakespeare and other classics of the English stage. Swinging from hilarious chaos to heart breaking sadness, the play traces their story through its ups and downs, its successes and failures, its laughs and its tears. Based on the real, but now largely-forgotten, `Osiris Players` the play is a celebration of both the indefatigable energy of these single-minded women and of the joys, frustrations and general madness of a life in theatre. `WE HAPPY FEW" is the latest BGT show to promote shows written by women and featuring women in the central roles.

With: June Lowery, Lindsay Wegleitner, Helena O’Hare, RachelKathryn Lloyd, Jessica Whiteley, Kim Birel, Gina Millington, Bjørn Clasen, Alessandro Stasi, Elke Murdock, Catriona Gillham, Eloïse Heger-Hedløy and Josie Shillito

Musical Director: Catriona Gillham – Director: Tony Kingston

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      Organisation: BGT English Theatre Company

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      Organisation: BGT English Theatre Company