07.06.2021 - 07.06.2021

Organisation: BGT English Theatre Company

Road to Huntsville - One-women show by Stephanie Ridings

EN : Originally performed by the author, STEPH is a writer who researches women that fall in love with – and often marry – murderers on death row. She wants to understand why. What makes seemingly steady and sensible people do this? As she says: `These women are writers, journalists, lawyers, teachers, nurses, civil servants, mothers, wives." But as she digs deeper into the subject, she finds herself more and more pulled in and begins corresponding directly with Jonny Demouchette, who is faces the death sentence in Texas for the murder of a shop-assistant. How far will she go to get the story she wants? And how in control of herself and her motives is she?

Using multi-media projections and video clips, this one-woman show looks at what makes some women so attracted to men of violence, even to killers. Through a mixture of factual presentation and the personal story a woman succumbing to the same attraction, it raises questions without making any judgements or imposing stereotypes. A moving, sometimes funny, but deeply thought-provoking play, it also provides an unusually powerful role for a young actress. This is the third production in the BGT’s programme to promote young performers and to put women more at the forefront of theatre

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      Organisation: BGT English Theatre Company

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      Organisation: BGT English Theatre Company