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Retrospective 5tet & Jambal - Pause

EN: Retrospective 5tet – Daniel Migliosi, Etienne Grüness, Denis Ascani, Jan Seemann and Mathieu Clement. Straight out of the underground, a steady groove is building and it’s called Retrospective 5tet. Pulsing from the center of Europe, Retrospective 5tet takes note of the history and legacy of jazz. With Modern Jazz Fusion and Hip Beats, the band tries to give new winds into the local jazz scene. These are not just players, these are musicians.

Jambal is a young jazz band that’s coming up fast with a forthcoming EP that gets to the point. The quartet let their melodic sketches, compositional snippets and outstanding chord grids collide freely. On stage, the musicians – Ben Bley, Arthur Clees, Maxime Igisch and Luca Garofalo – exude a rare freshness and insouciance and offer a sophisticated and embodied performance that transports the audience into a musical universe that borrows from both UK Jazz and Ethno Jazz. Rid of their influences, they have been able to evolve their sound and find the right tempo.

Web: www.facebook.com/retrospective5tet / www.facebook.com/jambaljams

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      Organisation: neimënster