Organisé par Music:LX et JAIL en collaboration avec le CCR Neumünster.

Pascal Schumacher Quartet - Luxembourg Jazz Meeting 12-14.09.2014

Pascal Schumacher has been described as a Goldsmith in his art, a boundary-pushing musician, a resourceful improviser and an imaginative composer. Keen to explore the links that exist between many musical genres, it is difficult to pigeon-hole his talent, his taste or his musical influences.

One thing is certain: he is a Vibraphone player with a unique aptitude and sensitivity who manages to inject panache and flamboyance into every performance.

His flair for improvisation is married to a lucid inventiveness which together create an original sound as visionary as it is melodic. As a physical performer, he is skillful, far-reaching and theatrical without being pretentious, making his performances inclusive and interesting to watch.

Since he gave birth to his first serious musical project in 1995, his musical partnerships and projects resemble his eclectic nature. His duo with Jef Neve produces a hybrid that has been described as somewhere between pop-infused contemporary music and classic-infused jazz. The Pascal Schumacher Quartet has a potent hook-laden feel that creatively destroys all notions of the polite dinner jazz associations of the past and produces a contemporary sound that is beautiful, melodic and effortlessly articulated.

As a composer he writes not only for the quartet and chamber music ensembles, but has also been involved in film, theatre and dance projects. In 2009 he was involved in a ground- breaking Multi-Media project CTRL variations, a trans-disciplinary theatre project entitled LUXTIME – Jacques Tati revisited and is currently writing a soundtrack for a silent movie starring Marlene Dietrich.

He is a laureate of no less than three of Europe’s most notable Conservatories from his home town of Luxembourg as well as those in the Hague, Strasbourg and Brussels. He now teaches in the Luxembourg Conservatory and in the HFM (Hochschule für Musik) in Saarbrücken, Germany. A laureate of the Luxembourg Conservatory, he has now come full circle and teaches there.

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      Organisé par Music:LX et JAIL en collaboration avec le CCR Neumünster.

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      Organisé par Music:LX et JAIL en collaboration avec le CCR Neumünster.