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Organisé par JAIL et le LCTO en collaboration avec le CCRN.

Blues’n Jazz Rallye 2013

[19.30] Marly Marques Quintet

Info: www.marlyquintet.com

Pour ce projet, le batteur Paul Fox a réuni des musiciens de jazz luxembourgeois chevronnés ainsi que la jeune vocaliste Marly Marques.

Marly Marques, véritable révélation de cette saison, à la voix d’alto veloutée, sensuelle, et à l’intonation pure, a su charmer et enthousiasmer le public lors de ses premiers concerts dans les hauts lieux du jazz luxembourgeois.

Au programme : des compositions originales, des classiques pop et samba revisités, du swing lascif, de la bossa pas trop nova et de la saudade jazzique.

Marly Marques – vocals

Paul Fox – drums

Jitz Jeitz – sax, clarinette

Claude Schaus – piano

Laurent Peckels – basse

[21.00] Sonido Profundo

Info: www.sonidoprofundo.com

Sonido Profundo is unique and percussive!

Some bands play salsa. Others play Brazilian samba. But Sonido Profundo offers you a wide variety of South America’s most beautiful and swinging music, continually standing with one foot in the tradition, and with the other one moving towards the future. This new band is the proof that tradition can be groovy and fresh.

Sonido Profundo is small, but sounds big and international. All the musicians sing backing vocals, and many are multi-instrumentalists. This is why the six musicians can adopt the sound of a complete salsa band. However, this does not mean that they cannot create an intimate and peaceful ambience, too. The musicians, with their different backgrounds, met in the Netherlands, where they discovered their common love for the Latin American music. This cultural mix led to the creation of a multicultural band, that takes you on a long, sunny journey.

Jeanne Schmartz – Percussion

Daniel Hahnfeld – Percussion

Alberto Caicedo – Bass, vocals

Thomas Böttcher – Piano

Francois Breger – Saxophone

Ernie Hammes – Trumpet

[22.30] Mo’ Blow

Info: www.moblow.de

If you listen to Mo’ Blow it becomes clear that these young German jazz musicians can keep up with the funk elite in their own exciting way. Falk’s original saxophone hooks are outstanding, and together with Klein’s vibrant performance on the Rhodes piano, Fleischer’s full bass and Seidel’s precise drumming, the quartet simply burst with energy. With a clear eye for detail and love of authenticity, Mo’ Blow spices up its unique sound of jazz, funk and groove. Mo’ Blow puts jazz into motion, and For those about to Funk is a brilliant display of how energetic Young German Jazz can be.

Felix F. Falk – Saxophone, percussion

Matti Klein – Keyboard

Tobias Fleischer – Bass

André Seidel – Drums

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      Organisé par JAIL et le LCTO en collaboration avec le CCRN.

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      Organisé par JAIL et le LCTO en collaboration avec le CCRN.