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Beyond the body - Corps augmenté, corps dépassé?

EN: Ever since humankind first used tools we have wondered how they shaped and perhaps changed our relationship with our bodies. Are they an extension of or a substitute for our physical and mental abilities? The initiative for this event came from the dancer and choreographer Anne-Mareike Hess and her interest for the utopic idea of a global synchronization. In the dance performance Synchronization in process three performers indulge into ´being one in one time´ – they approach each other, groove into a common pulse and merge into a dense fabric of interwoven bodies. Invited to follow the movement of the dancers the audience becomes part of a continuum of vibrant possibilities. With the digital revolution firmly on the march for at least the last three decades this question and others have taken on a new dimension and urgency. The christian notion of the body as a temple has been completely challenged by the new ways people and technologies interact.

What does it mean to be able to be in several places at once across vast distances and multiple layers of reality through online worlds data streams and social media? Can we ever truly be offline anymore? A panel of experts who bring together and put forward different perspectives from philosophy, anthropology, engineering and contemporary dance to question our newfound abilities. This open debate will be chaired by Steve Clement a cybersecurity expert, entrepreneur and technology enthusiast who is passionate about these emerging issues.

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Etienne Armand Amato – researcher, co-founder of the Observatoire des modes numériques en sciences humaines

Anne Mareike Hess – dancer and choreographer

Quinn Norton – journalist and blogger

Olivier Servais – antrphologist at the Université catholique de Louvain (B)

Moderation: Steve Clement

copyright:Marc Lohr

FR: Depuis que l’humanité a conçu des outils, la question s’est posée de savoir comment ils influaient sur et modifiaient notre rapport au corps et à la corporalité. La conception chrétienne classique «du corps-temple» a été bouleversée par les nouveaux usages et les rapports intimes entre le corps et les nouvelles technologies. L’idée directrice de ce débat participatif émane du projet Synchronization in process de la danseuse et chorégraphe Anne-Mareike Hess dans lequel trois danseuses s’adonnent à «l’être ensemble dans un seul et unique temps».

Ce débat participatif sera animé par Steve Clement, spécialiste en sécurité informatique, entrepreneur et technophile. Un panel d’experts issus de disciplines aussi différentes que la philosophie, l’anthropologie, l’ingénierie et la danse contemporaine s’interrogera sur ces nouvelles perspectives.

Suivez-nous en direct sur: http://streaming.neimenster.lu


Etienne Armand Amato – chercheur, co-fondateur de l’Observatoire des modes numériques en sciences humaines

Anne Mareike Hess – danseuse et chorégraphe

Quinn Norton – journaliste et bloggeuse

Olivier Servais – anthropologue à l’Université catholique de Louvain (B)

Modération: Steve Clement

copyright:Marc Lohr

Organisation: neimënster

En langue anglaise
Le débat sera diffusé en direct en ligne: Web: http://streaming.neimenster.lu

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Organisation: neimënster


En langue anglaise
Le débat sera diffusé en direct en ligne: Web: http://streaming.neimenster.lu