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alt-j - Relaxer

En: The albums An Awesome Wave and This Is All Yours have both garnered critical acclaim and the chaps from Leeds shot to international fame with hundreds of millions of streams on Spotify. Now a three-piece, the band continue to excel as a genre-defying act while remaining true to themselves. As a very individualistic alternative rock act, they make sophisticated use of the dynamics and space in music – they are not scared to be quiet or reflective, slow in tempo with every sound and nuance exposed. A truly perfect fit for the Abbey…

Fr: Groupe de rock alternatif indépendant originaire de Leeds, alt-J s’est forgé une renommée internationale avec des centaines de millions de streamings sur Spotify ainsi que deux albums, An Awesome Wave et This Is All Yours, acclamés par la critique. À présent en trio, alt-J est plus que jamais un groupe qui défie les genres.

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      Organisation: A-Promotions / Collaboration: neimënster

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      Organisation: A-Promotions / Collaboration: neimënster