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Boy and Suitcase

Organisation: neimënster

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En: The Greek Theatre Society of Luxembourg, member of the Cercle Culturel des Institutions européennes à Luxembourg presents an adaptation of Mike Kenny's 'Boy with a suitcase' for puppets, masks, shadows and actors, translated by Xenia Kalogeropoulou. ´When Naz's homeland is destroyed and his life is under threat, his parents decide to use their little savings to send him to London where his older brother lives and works. This is the beginning of Naz's adventure in an unfathomably beautiful and dangerous world. On his way to the promised land, where he hopes to have a peaceful and decent life, he meets Krysia, a girl of the same age, who will help him dodge soldiers and all kinds of exploiters. In return, when times get tough, Naz will share with her stories that his father used to tell him back home...´

Adapted and directed by Spyros Pilos

Cast: Irène Athanassoudis, Aggeliki Beazoglou, Tassos Dimitriadis, Vaggelis Karathanasis, Manolis Manarakis, Pantelis Panteloukas, Theonymfi Vlachaki, Chara Zoga.

Puppets: Theoni Vlachaki and Manolis Manarakis.

Masks: Theoni Vlachaki, Pantelis Panteloukas, Monika Vesdrevanis.

Costumes: Monika Vesdrevanis.

Sets: Spyros Pilos, Manolis Manarakis.

Original score: Michael Gotsopoulos

Visuals: Elias Tabakeas.

Organisateurs principaux

Organisation: neimënster


Théâte en langue grecque avec surtitres en anglais

Quand et où