• 17.10.2023 - 17.11.2023
  • Rencontre - Littérature / Lecture

Mehdi Mousavi

Mehdi Mousavi, Iranian writer & poet, will be in residence at neimënster to research, prepare and begin writing his third novel Stay Alive! which will be part of a quartet. The books take place in different countries and the author thinks experiencing life abroad will enable him to better bring the different environment of the cities he visits into his novels. He is also looking forward to meeting artists from different countries and walks of life in order to feed his imaginations and grow through the experience.

He has been a leading force in postmodern poetry in Iran, has published eigtheen poetry collections and novels, and inspired and mentored numerous young artists, through his teaching of literature at universities and colleges. He has led underground classes in literature, creative writing, philosophy, and humanities for young artists for over sixteen years and continues to do so online. He has helped organize literature festivals and has written lyrics for Iranian singers.

His planned novel titled Stay Alive! is the third novel of a quartet that follows the life of a girl named Sheyda. It opens with her waking up in a closet, having forgotten her past and remembering nothing but her first name and the need to survive. Some people are trying to kill her, and she runs away from home.

The novel will combine different literary genres: part survival novel, part psychological study and mystery. It will draw on his experience and knowledge of life as an artist in Iran and be a political statement about artistic freedom and the oppressive conditions of life for women in Iran.